Saturday, November 03, 2012

Radio KSGF Interview

Listen on the KSGF website:

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The interview with Democrat candidate Jim Evans is here.

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The Republican incumbent parted with Todd Akin and joined liberals to vote to increase the debt limit by over a trillion dollars, and voted in favor of appropriations to Planned Parenthood. (Boasting of planned spending cuts in the debt limit bill, I believe he now opposes those cuts.)

Here's something to think about:

The Constitution creates the Congress in Article 1. In a sense, Congress is the most important branch of government. The Executive Branch is created in Article 2, simply to execute the laws created by the Legislative Branch (Article 1), and thus, in a sense, subordinate to Congress. The Judicial Branch, Article 3, has no authority to make laws.

Obviously, the Constitution has been turned on its head.

The men who framed the Constitution would agree that your vote for your Representative is more important than your vote for President.

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