Monday, March 11, 2013

A New Civil War?

I saw this picto-graph on Facebook:

The casualties from the Civil War were recently upgraded. Total deaths were not 600,000 but 750,000.

U.S. population in 1865 was 35.5 million.

750,000 is roughly equivalent to 6,300,000 Americans killing themselves over nothing in 2013.
Think our "leaders" could get Americans fired up for another Civil War today?

I think they could. 

In a previous post I explained Why I Would Give Obama My Guns If He Asks. Many people say they wouldn't. They would kill any civil servant who tried to take their guns. Or so they say. Sounds like they're ready for a new civil war. I think most people who take the Second Amendment (and the rest of the Constitution) seriously are too moral to kill another human being on these grounds. But then, how to explain the 1860's, a far more Christian generation?

I think there's a more likely scenario for a civil war.

There has been concern over the fact that the Department of Homeland Security has purchased millions of rounds of hollow-point ammunition. Are they expecting a foreign invasion? Not likely. Some have suggested that "We the People" may be the intended victims in an all-out assault on our liberties by an out-of-control tyranny.

Could it be, however, that "the government" intends to GIVE the arms and ammo to the "wrong" people to create conditions for a declaration of martial law?

Remember the reports by Gary Webb of the San Jose Mercury News, that the CIA was dumping cocaine and arms in So.Central L.A.? 
Abortion doesn't seem to have wiped out enough undesirable people. Weaponizing them might be just the excuse needed to drone them all out of existence.

It's just a theory. Please leave a comment either way.

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