Thursday, December 20, 2007

John McCain vs. Al Gore

My prediction for the General Election in Nov. 2008: John McCain vs. Al Gore.

Frankly, I admit I'm no "expert." Laugh at my prediction; see if I care.

I've had this feeling for some time, but I'm led to make this prediction public by recent events:

• McCain getting two major media endorsements (Boston Globe and the Des Moines Register).
• McCain endorsement by Lieberman

These two events make me remember that "the Establishment" really does exist, and really does "control" the media (they are essentially one and the same). Huckabee and Romney will not win CFR approval, based on events of the last few days:

• Mitt "Titanic" Romney hits Mormonism iceberg. Lawrence O'Donnell on "The McLaughlin Group" was right about Mormonism, slavery and polygamy. The religious base of the Republican Party is not going to nominate someone who believes Jesus and Satan are brothers. If Romney gets the nomination, the hard-core Religious Right will vote 3rd party, with Republicans losing a close race.
• Huckabee is another Jim Bakker. The Religious Right has enough brains to see this, and his current appeal will fade.
• McCain can appeal to the Religious Right, as I wrote in October, as well as to "the Establishment."

OK, with the Republican nomination securely in the bag, I move to the Democrats.

Hillary is unelectable. She is hated; Republicans who might otherwise stay at home will come out to vote against her, regardless of who the Republican nominee is.

Obama is not old enough, nor white enough. Blacks cannot be depended upon to vote, or to have their votes counted, so no matter how many blacks are "Oprahized," Obama is too weak against McCain.

Draft Gore? Even though the Draft website is quitting, along with the Draft Gore 2008 PAC, and Gore himself recognizes the legal impossibility of campaigning in the primaries, other websites remain active. Following his Nobel Prize, The Los Angeles Times finds "No Gore Groundswell Detected," but their Gore numbers still beat Hillary's, as well as Bill Clinton's support at this time in 1991. Gore himself has not ruled out seeking or accepting the nomination in a brokered convention (Daily Kos, Dec 11).

Because of early primaries, it may seem that everything will be made inevitable after "Super Tuesday," but the absence of traditional primary campaigning will leave six months before the Convention for the conservative talkers and bloggers to start drumming up scandals against Hillary, the likely winner in the primaries, setting the stage for Gore the white knight.

As I said, I don't know what I'm talking about, and I really don't care who the two major parties nominate. They're all saying the same thing. The only candidate who is saying anything different is Ron Paul, and "We the People" will not be allowed to nominate or elect him.

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