Sunday, February 17, 2008

1,000 Words on Global Warming

This picture is worth more than a thousand words. If you want words, here's the source: Analyzing Global-Warming Science. Here's the Petition to ignore GlobalWarmingphobic environmentalists, signed by over 20,000 scientists:

Global Warming Petition Project

Compare the picture above with the one here -- which ignores the big picture -- and especially consider their conclusion:

Scientists believe that an immediate 70–80 percent reduction in current carbon emissions is necessary to mitigate further climate change.

What would be the effect on your life if you and the rest of the world could
• heat your house only on Sundays,
• receive hospital care for an injury or disease only on Mondays,
• drive your car or operate farm equipment only on Tuesdays,
• operate your refrigerator only on Wednesday,
• heat your water only on Thursdays, and
• use electric lights only on Friday?
Answer: you would commit suicide on Saturday.
Either that or after a few years, you and probably 2 billion other human beings would die from our inability to grow enough food and provide safety, shelter, and medical care for billions of people.

But this is what environmentalists want: the death of billions of human beings, whom they see as a "cancer" on the planet.

Energy is the key to human survival. That is to say, consumption of energy -- large amounts of energy, increasing amounts of energy -- is the key to human survival and the flourishing of human civilization.

There is no evidence that during times of medieval warming, or warming over the last few millennia, where rates of warming were ten times greater than they are today, that plants and animals and human beings suffered. Agriculture -- trees and plants -- thrive in high levels of carbon dioxide.

And obviously, automobiles, nuclear power plants, and refrigeration of food and indoor air were not causes of the Medieval Warm Period or any other global warming over the last 3,000 years.

Environmentalists want the political power to kill you or control you or profit off your consumption of energy.

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