Friday, February 22, 2008

Rationing Ferraris

In a previous post I neglected to draw out the analogy between rationed health care and Ferraris.

If the government tries to keep its promise of "an affordable Ferrari" for every American by giving out a Ferrari voucher, embodying every American's "right" to a Ferrari, the result will be long lines around the block from the Ferrari dealer. Unless the government wants to raise taxes or inflate the money supply, there won't be enough money to cover everyone's Ferrari voucher, which means there won't be enough Ferraris. Which means rationing.

If the government says everyone has a "right" to health care coverage, there must be immense increases in taxes to give previously-uncovered Americans free health care. Everyone will have a "right" to the X test, the Y surgery, and the Z treatment, but there will only be one such surgery per month; others will be put on a waiting list. Here are some accounts -- in human terms -- of HillaryCare and Obamedicine:

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Anonymous said...

Here in Alberta, Canada
everyone has State Health coverage
except those people who have
not filed an income tax return,
they can't have health coverage.

They've linked the health care system to the income tax system.