Monday, March 17, 2008

Holy Week

"Holy Week" is the phrase used to describe the last week of Jesus Christ's life before He was executed on "Good Friday" and rose from the dead on "Easter Sunday."

His execution was a conspiracy between church and state.

Simon Greenleaf is considered to be the co-founder of the Harvard Law School. He wrote the definitive treatise on the law of evidence, found on the bench in nearly every American court for generations. He concluded that if the testimony of the Gospel writers were to be judged by the common law rules of evidence, the Resurrection of Christ on Easter would have to be considered a historical fact.

But if Jesus actually rose from the dead as a matter of historical fact, then we ought to obey His commands, and this intolerable conclusion leads many to deny that anything at all can be considered a historical fact, or to deny the very possibility of truth. Better to live in a world without the concept of truth than to live in a world where Jesus is "the Supreme Judge of the world." Or as John Milton described the thinking of Satan:

Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.

This thinking is, of course, the surest way to create hell on earth.

Yesterday was "Palm Sunday," commemorating the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem, when the enthusiastic crowds, experiencing something like "Obamamania," placed palm branches before Jesus and his donkey, claiming that He was the prophesied Messiah who would restore Edenic conditions to the world. Four days later, the same crowd would be calling for His execution.

Voters for the last 60 years have been placing electoral palm branches before the Messianic State. They may soon be calling for its execution.

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