Friday, March 28, 2008

Government as Criminal Syndicate

William Norman Grigg's blog, Pro Libertate ("For Freedom"), is must-reading. Grigg is today's Paul Revere, riding to Lexington and Concorde, shouting the bad news.

Yesterday's post, "Tyranny, The One-War Mirror, and the Criminal Syndicate Called the ATF" must not be missed. It is truly horrifying.

As you read the blog, remember that Lexington and Concorde was a stand-off between American colonists and the British equivalent of the ATF.

In terms of the American Revolution, the ATF is the most un-American and un-Constitutional of all unconstitutional and unamerican government bureaucracies.

I have tried to make two points on this blog:

1. Every single person who signed the Declaration of Independence would call today's Bush-Clinton Regime a "tyranny." It must be abolished, or we expose ourselves as covetous slaves, rather than free human beings. Approval and support of the government is the mark of diminished moral capacity. America's Founding Fathers would take up arms against today's government, to abolish it.

2. They would be wrong to do so.

Not because they would be wrong to call today's government a tyranny -- today's government is clearly ten-times more tyrannical than the government against which America's Founders rebelled in 1776 -- but because the Bible commands us to pay our taxes and not resist tyranny by returning evil for evil.

Jesus said to put down swords, not take them up.

On strictly pragmatic grounds, it is futile to believe that you can resist today's truly evil and truly gargantuan government. They have nukes; you have saturday-night specials. You're toast.

Grigg's post reveals that the government is paranoid, and any hint that you intend to use force to defend yourself -- to say nothing of aggressing against any named bureaucrat -- will be interpreted as a threat to the government, and you will be arrested (and worse).

But Christ's "Great Commission" to us is to use weapons of persuasion, not lethal force. The government should never feel threatened by us (in terms of the use of force). The government should perpetually feel threatened by us in terms of truth, justice, ethics, and rights like private property; the government should realize that we recognize the difference between producers and pirates, and morally disapprove of the latter. The government should realize that millions of people are being persuaded to disapprove of government thugs. Government officials like the ones described by Grigg should realize that growing numbers of people have no respect for government goons, and that all government pirates should repent and resign.

Our weapon is persuasion, not violence.

We must abolish the government by persuading all government officials to repent of their violent ways, that is, to resign -- after they abolish their office.

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