Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I recently told someone that have over 200 webpages on my website, each attempting to show how "Liberty Under God" is the solution to America's many problems. I just counted and learned that I have over 700.

This gave me a feeling of being spread too thin.

I'm wondering if there isn't a more narrow goal, or a series of goals (step-by-step) to pursue to have more impact, to move more people away from fascism and socialism and closer to the goal of "Liberty Under God."

If you have suggestions, please post a comment -- with a link to your website if you'd like.


Russ said...

Since the State is now total, it makes sense that you feel totally overwhelmed.

Maybe the ticket is to not focus on politics (which I think, despite being total, has limited effect on most people) and instead focus on one smaller branch of your website(s): virtue, or political theory, or developing hospitality.

Or, it may be that your focus needs to be local. Instead of the national level, maybe the regional, county, or city level of government.

Just some thoughts. I struggle with these things as well.

Anonymous said...


God has gifted you with the talent
to explain to the World that the correct interpretation of the Bible is that The State is satanic and is in fact run by Satan himself.

The are many themes in the Bible,
but of all the people in the World,
there is no better than Kevin Craig, by a factor of 10, that can
disseminate this theme to the World.

You should first read the book,
Restoring The American Dream,
by Robert J. Ringer
to get an idea of the book you should write, but from a Biblical perspective.

Your objective at the beginning
does not even have to be to write a book, just start writing an essay on one topic then another and then later they can be compiled into a book.

This is the most important theme/topic in the World today
and it is urgent
at this time, before we descend into a complete slave society,
what with taxes at 66%, etc,
to inform the public.

You are some sort of apostle, saint or angel sent by God,
and given the talents to do this job. It is your destiny for this lifetime of
yours on this Earth
( non-moving ). : ~ )

The idea of this book should be that people would refuse to work for the State ( unclean income )
after they have read it.


Kevin Craig said...

Thanks for the comment, Bernie.

Of course, you're obviously a flatterer, and therefore dangerous, but at least you're locked up, and I'm glad to see that you've been cooperating with the orderlies and they let you use the residents' computer there at the State Home.

I keep telling you not to worry about Satan.

I read Ringer's book when it first came out, and I wasn't impressed. I'll dig it out and look at it again. His other book, Looking Out for Number One, always struck me as a rather unChristian way to look at things. I realize the book wasn't as bad as the title.

I've already written a couple thousand essays. You say "they can be compiled into a book." I'm waiting for a gifted editor to call me.

America's Founding Fathers would say we have already descended into a complete slave society. To me that makes it less urgent, more depressing. Here is an interesting video by an atheist who lies about Christianity.

I agree we need to make it socially unacceptable to "work" for the government; to steal from others; to take vengeance on one's enemies.

A hundred million Americans are victims of educational malpractice. I'd like to think that the Internet can help reverse the effects of government schools. I'm too pessimistic to believe that gov't school graduates are going to want to "go back to school" and unlearn what they were taught. (In other words, to buy my books.)

Have you seen my idea to bribe people into signing up?

"apostle, saint or angel sent by God" Really, Bernie. Take your meds.