Saturday, December 27, 2008

Spoiling the Party

Richard B. Boddie (center) has come up with a delightful idea:

You know what would REALLY perturb ( or p___ off) a whole lot of people, especially so-called Democrats?! How about this?

Bumbling George W. Bush, the puppet, could resign immediately -- before the new year, even. Then the shadowy Dick Cheney becomes the President. Now wouldn't THAT really perturb (or p___ off) those cocky liberals?!

Then Dirty Dick immediately appoints Condoleeza Rice as Vice President. Cheney then resigns weeks later, prior to the imminent overdone Obama coronation and (get this) CONDOLEEZA RICE then becomes THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT of the United States of America, and even more significant she is then also the first WOMAN President no less.

Now wake up from your dreams and get ready for the 'New New Deal' a.k.a "The Raw Deal" or just plain old socialist fascism, which definitely won't be of too much benefit to you and yours, black or not, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or whatever. Of course, that's unless you are one of "the chosen" for Change.


It will never happen, of course. The Republican Elite have nothing against Obama, including McCain, who refused to mention Obama's 20-year relationship with "Rev." Jeremiah Wright during the campaign. Remember Bush's fawning praises for the treasonous rapist Bill Clinton at the dedication of the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor in Little Rock? They're all part of "The Establishment." Obama and Bush-Cheney are on the same team.

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