Saturday, March 07, 2009

Economic Planning

I received a letter that went largely like this:

> I need a plan to take the place of the "constitutions"
> If as you say, God does not bless constitutions
> and that we should have a "Vine & Fig Tree" society,
> then people will want me to tell them,
> what is the structure to take the place of
> the constitutions
> I have ideas
> What are your comments..........
> and I have read your links

I like Murray Rothbard's story of the fellow in a communist country who proposed handing over the manufacture and sale of shoes to the Free Market.

The point: no "plan" will work.
What WILL work is liberty -- allowing entrepreneurs, visionaries, investors, inventors, to make plans to create new goods and services, and people like you and me being free to choose from all the available alternatives put forth by the people above.

You and I make plans, and those entrepreneurs make (and constantly revise) their plans. If an entrepreneur plans to sell me something, I might change my plans and buy it, or I might decide that purchasing his product or service will not advance my own plans, in which case the entrepreneur will have to change HIS plans.

In a world of "Liberty Under God," economic plans change not just when Congress is in session, but monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, even in split seconds as traders and investors revise their plans, and millions of people buy and sell according to their own economic plans.

I know more about how to make plans in my business, and you know more about how to make plans in your business, and 300 million Americans know more about rational economic planning for their individual lives and businesses than Congress or any bureaucracy or central planning board.

Total "anarchy" allows for MORE PLANNING than a monopoly of planning by a central planning board. Anarcho-capitalism works better than any level of centralized planning.

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