Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who Creates Your Vote?

While the federal government goes around the world "monitoring" elections in foreign nations, the government isn't saying anything about our own elections here at home.

The McClatchy Newspapers yesterday published old news about computer voting and the ease of manipulating elections. Appearing last month before a U.S. Election Assistance Commission field hearing in Orlando, Fla., a CIA cybersecurity expert suggested that Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and his allies fixed a 2004 election recount.

Everything Chavez knows about rigging elections, he learned from the U.S.

A voting machine company that partnered with a firm hired by Chavez's government, owned U.S.-based Sequoia Voting Systems until 2007. Sequoia machines were in use in 16 states and the District of Columbia at the time.

Sequoia machines were used by California, and were the object of a lawsuit I wrote nearly a decade ago.

The only thing more corrupt than "touchscreen" voting machines is the entire concept of one group of people "voting" to kill or steal from another group of people.

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