Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obama: Grow People for Parts

A good article about how the mainstream media ignored the real issues in the controversy surrounding Barack Obama's decision to steal from those who believe it is wrong to grow humans for body parts and give the money to Nazi "scientists" who kill human beings for body parts is this one by Josh Brahm:

9 Things the Media Messed Up About the Obama Stem Cell Story

Libertarians believe it is wrong to initiate force against others. This includes killing people for their body parts. It includes taking money by force from those who believe it is wrong to kill human beings for their body parts and giving that money to those who want to "experiment" on human beings for "medical research."

Nine Things the Media Got Wrong, and thereby Promoted Human Experimentation

#1. Omitting the importance of iPS cells
#2. Omitting that the diseases everyone is talking about curing (diabetes, Parkinson's, paralysis) have already been treated with adult stem cells.
#3. Perpetuating the myth that stem cell research will likely cure Alzheimer's disease
#4. Omitting the dangers of HESCR
#5. Confusing or combining reproductive cloning with research cloning
#6. Creating a false choice that “leftover” embryos will either be used for research or be killed
#7. Dehumanizing human embryos
#8. Responding to a Strawman argument that pro-lifers are concerned about embryos being misused in laboratories (other than killing them)
#9. Bush’s policy restricted tax dollars being used on “all” stem cell research.

Did I overstate the case by calling pre-born stem-cell researchers "Nazis?"


Brahm's conclusion:

This is not a small news story, ladies and gentlemen. This isn’t like a news channel failing to report that a large freeway is shut down due to an accident, and a bunch of people are late for work. This is a major event with profound moral and societal implications. President Obama left the door open to allowing American scientists to grow human beings for their body parts. This is a major ethical issue, not a trivial question about whether you should go vegan or not, and the mass media decided that it wasn’t important.

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