Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More on the Myth of a "Secular Constitution"

Even though I called his attention to his error, Al Cronkrite continues to propagate the ACLU myth that "the Constitution is a secular document."

This old webpage has now been updated.

In response, Cronkrite cites an article by Ted Weiland which claims that Americans have a "love affair" with the U.S. Constitution, amounting to a "national idolatry."

"Love affair" with the Constitution? On what planet?

I can number on my left hand the Americans who self-consciously follow the Constitution -- strictly follow. Nobody cares about the Constitution these days.

Weiland admits this when he says he hopes "to motivate people to think about the Constitution, a document which few Americans have read and to which fewer yet have given any serious thought." Would Weiland say that a Christian had a "love affair" with Jesus without ever reading the Bible or giving Jesus "any serious thought?"

Ted Weiland vs. the U.S. Constitution

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