Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Following the Later-Coming Minority

Here is an article by a bunch of Physicists attempting to explain/predict how the masses can be moved in a new direction. [HT] Rupert Murdoch surely could have used Fox News to orchestrate a coup in America, if we're to believe the physicists (and the liberals who fear Hannity, O'Reilly and other well-placed "leaders").

This would be an indictment of the faults of democracy, which America's Founders warned against. They rightly observed that Liberty depends on virtue and morality. The ability to pursue the moral direction is a product of regeneration and conversion, not "democratic" impulses carefully choreographed by well-funded "leaders," who manipulate easily-led (and largely immoral) masses.

But by 1776 a great deal of the Calvinism of 200 years of prior American history had waned, and the War for Independence was as much a political as a religious event.

Politics has reigned supreme since then.

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