Friday, July 03, 2009

To Save America, We Must Abolish the United States

"America" is not a government or a group of people in a particular geographical area. "America" is an ideal. It is a vision.

America is "Liberty Under God."

America -- in the eyes of her Founders -- is everyone dwelling safely under his own Vine & Fig Tree.

"America" existed 200 years ago.

It might even have existed 100 years ago, as immigrants could come to a certain geographical location where a group of people lived that believed in the vision of "America," and the immigrant could work and save and eventually live under his own vine & fig tree.

But this America no longer exists. Or if it does, it appears to be mortally wounded.

The assassin, or attempted assassin -- the mortal enemy of America -- is the United States. To save the ideal of "America," we must abolish the United States.

The Declaration of Independence declares that any government that becomes a "tyranny" should be abolished. It should be obvious that the men who signed that document in 1776 and began the work of abolishing their government would begin the work of abolishing the United States were they here in 2009.

Imagine that you're a teacher who loves to plant seeds in the minds of students. If you were paid by the government to teach in a government-run school, which government would not allow you to teach students that the Declaration of Independence is really true:

a. China

b. North Korea

c. Iran

d. The United States

e. All of the above.

Tragically, d is not incorrect.

The United States makes it illegal for an American school teacher in a government-run school in America to teach students that the Declaration of Independence really is true. True regardless of whether anyone believes it.

• that the existence of God is a "self-evident truth"
• that our rights are the product of intelligent design (not the government)
• that all Americans are obligated to conform their lives to the unchanging moral absolutes known as "the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God"
• that our actions must one day pass judgment with "the Supreme Judge of the world"
• that all Americans should have "a firm reliance on the Protection of Divine Providence."

The Federal Government says that teachers in government-operated schools paid for by your property taxes cannot "endorse" or "promote" these ideas. Students can be taught that a long time ago some people believed the Declaration of Independence was true, but teachers cannot say it really is objectively true, and that students should stand up and risk their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor in defense of those unchanging true principles.

Those who signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 would say that American students are illiterate, anti-social, peer-dependent, easily-misled, and amoral. America's Founding Fathers would see schools controlled by the United States as perhaps the greatest threat to the Republic they created. The United States is certainly the greatest threat to the idea of "Liberty Under God."

If you celebrate "Independence Day," you should begin working to abolish the United States.

If you don't agree that the signers of the Declaration of Independence would begin working to abolish the United States, you're invited to defend that atheistic dictatorship on Independence Day at 10:30 Central Time:

Call in and defend a government that -- more than the government indicted in the Declaration of Independence -- "evinces a design to reduce Americans under absolute Despotism."

If you do agree that America's Founders would seek to abolish the atheistic dictatorship over America, the question is how. As I have said many times, Christians cannot abolish tyranny with muskets and cannons. We need to learn how to use our more powerful weapons. Let's talk about it this morning.

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