Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Don't Tread On Me" - Insanity?

I haven't seen Don't Tread On Me - The Movie. All the great Biblical prophets had a message for the empires of the ancient world: "Thou shalt not tread."

But when Caesar treads, the Bible counsels "submission," not vengeance and vandalism. Don't like the government tax on tea? Don't vandalize tea merchants who disagree. "Resist not evil."

Albert Einstein is usually credited with saying, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

We tried the Tea Party and the American Revolution already. What results are we expecting this time? We got out our muskets and shot the Red Coats, but now we have a much greater tyranny.

Imagine this example of insanity: the "Christian" "Hutaree" "Militia" staging an armed invasion of the Pentagon. Do they really expect success, or is this suicide mission just a publicity stunt?

"Futility" is thus a necessary component of "insanity."

What makes talk about a "Second American Revolution" so futile and insane?

James Ostrowski answers that question with another example of insanity:

History — Pickett’s Charge; The Charge of the Light Brigade – shows what happens when a smaller army attacks a larger army in a heavily fortified position. They lose!

The sad truth is, though we want to restore the spirit of the American Revolution, we are outnumbered by Red Coats!

The vast majority of Americans now support Red Coat government: an arrogant King in a big castle, with a large court, ruling by edict from a distant capital, endless wars across the ocean for a global empire, and heavy taxes to pay for those wars. And we are now embroiled in two land wars in Asia in countries that previously expelled the British! That’s why Rudyard Kipling wrote:

When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,
And the women come out to cut up what remains,
Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
An’ go to your Gawd like a soldier.
Go, go, go like a soldier,
So-oldier of the Queen!

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that about ten percent of Americans are fed up and ready for radical change. That means that 90% are not. That’s a huge problem. Remember that at Lexington, when the government gun controllers and tax collectors came up the road, the men of the town greeted them with muskets ready to fire. Today, if we did that, most of the men of the town would side with the federales.

[Heck, in some towns most men (and women) are the federales, or have jobs working for the federales, or get welfare checks from the federales.]

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in 1770 again, when there was a small number of radicals who wanted independence but most people wanted to stay with England.

So the question is, how do we convince people to stop being Red Coats? Not: How do we load our muskets so we can shoot the Red Coats. Rather: How do we convince Americans not to become Red Coats -- to reject the tempting government job with a cushy civil service pension, getting paid to violate the privacy and confiscate the property of others -- and how do we convince Americans not to support Red Coats, whether here or in Afghanistan?

I believe this requires conversion: a new mind, and a new heart. Regeneration, not revolution.

But how will people adopt an ideal if they never hear the ideal presented (Romans 10:14)?

What is the ideal? What was the original "American Dream?"

The ideal is every American dwelling safely under his own Vine & Fig Tree.

The ideal is not "limited government." The ideal is not "a constitutional Republic." Those are simply suggested strategies for achieving or protecting the ideal, the Vine & Fig Tree society. History has now shown those political strategies to be failures.

It is insanity to keep trying them over and over.

Ultimately, these strategies are inconsistent with the ideal. "Limited government" means "limited confiscation of private property." It's like saying that every healthy body needs just a few malignant cancer cells. "Limited cancer."

If America's Founding Fathers were here today, they would show themselves to be true radicals and take immediate steps to repeal the Constitution and abolish the Red Coat government it ultimately created. The Revolution was fought for the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution. I believe America's Founders, who believed that God ordained civil government, could today be persuaded otherwise. True patriots -- radical patriots -- will have this same goal: Liberty Under God, not limited liberty under a Republican empire.

James Ostrowski has A 12-Point Plan for Direct Citizen Action which points in the right direction: true patriots must be mentors. True patriots must be educated, and then must take their education to their neighbors, and especially to those who work for the empire.

Are you preparing to be a Vine & Fig Tree mentor?

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