Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Maurice Strong

Glenn Beck is asking his viewers to find information on Maurice Strong. Here is a list of Maurice Strong links I compiled a decade ago. I'll try to update it.

Suppose we assassinated Maurice Strong, George Soros, and all the other New World Order environmentalist financiers. Would the world be safe? Would the Constitution be restored?

Not hardly.

There are lots of Strong/Soros wanna-be's waiting to move up. There are millions of Americans willing (if not eager) to carry out the orders of Bush, Obama, or any other puppet that the Soros/Strong crowd gets elected.

It is the masses, the millions, that are the real enemy, not Strong/Soros. Some will say ignorance is the enemy. Close, but no cigar. The real enemy is sin. The real enemy is the desire "to be as gods" (Genesis 3:5). The real enemy is the desire to be an "archist"; the desire to rule over others, imposing your will on the ignorant sheep using force or threats of violence.

Millions of Americans who get government jobs will never be as rich or as influential as Maurice Strong or George Soros. But they will feel better about themselves when they put on that new government uniform. And their self-esteem will get a shot in the arm when they exercise jurisdiction over you if you don't toe the environmentalist line charted by Strong/Soros.

Archism is the enemy.

Are you ready to be a coach or mentor to your archist neighbors or co-workers? Can you show them why archism leads to death? Or maybe you yourself are still an archist.

Find out here.

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