Friday, October 01, 2010

Biopharmeceutical Research

A candidate questionnaire from We Work For Health:

1. The Council for American Medical Innovation (CAMI) study found that the U.S. regulatory review system lacks consistency. As a member of Congress (if elected/re-elected), how would you strengthen the FDA to bring safe, innovative products to patients?

Abolish the FDA:

Abolish all other unnecessary and unconstitutional federal regulations:


Billions of dollars are diverted away from productive research and development by regulations which are basically a make-work program for regulators and bureaucrats.

2. Millions of US patients are hoping and waiting for new cures in this country. Research and Development is the key to that medical progress. If you are elected, how would you improve existing federal government economic incentives to encourage investment in medical innovation?

Abolish all corporate income taxes, and taxes on dividends and capital gains:

Tax credits or deductions for investment in biopharmaceutical research.

Abolish over $2 trillion in unconstitutional federal spending, to free up resources for genuinely productive research and development of products which consumers will voluntarily pay for.

3. Private-public partnerships between government organizations and industry have led to significant medical advances in this country. These partnerships are dependent on supportive technology transfer laws and reliable intellectual property protections. How will you protect intellectual property and encourage more public private partnerships?

The value of IP laws on development of new products is vastly overstated.

4. As education systems around the country take cuts to their science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programs, America’s students are losing their competitive edge at these important subjects, which are a large part of the knowledge base for the highly skilled biopharmaceutical workforce. What will you do to ensure that the United States has a workforce prepared to continue to fuel medical innovation?

I believe in the separation of school and state.

An education-business partnership would be much more productive than the present education-government entanglement.

The majority of useful products are developed in business, rather than academia. Government-buttressed university research is bureaucratic, uncompetitive, inefficient, and reflects the wishes of special interests more than consumers.

The University is a medieval system which cannot withstand competition in a Free Market. Those who graduate from a university are not necessarily better equipped to compete in a global economy than those who rise through the ranks of business without a college degree:

5. Are there other challenges that the federal government can address to better secure the future of an industry that supports more than 3 million jobs throughout America and that holds promise for the future of millions of America’s patients and how would you address them as a member of Congress?

Abandon fascism and socialism, return to the Constitution, and allow a Free Market economy to raise the standard of living of all Americans and bring life-saving technology to the entire world.

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