Saturday, October 30, 2010

Abortion is Murder

On this morning's Ozarks Virtual Town Hall I was asked about my position on abortion. That page explains it.

When I Googled abortion and my name, my abortion page was not listed. My page on how to end abortion without the initiation of force by the government was listed, as was my page in defense of Ron Paul's views on abortion. But not the central abortion page.

I have to suspect that the abortion page was consciously removed by a human being at Google. I admit I'm paranoid, but I don't see how Google's search algorithm could have indexed the other abortion pages yet missed my central abortion page, which has been on the Internet longer than these other pages, and is linked to from many other web pages and blog posts, including these:

As it stands right now, Google says there are no pages that link to my abortion page. Not true.

Maybe this post will change that.

Until that gnome at Google deletes it from the index once again.

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