Monday, June 13, 2011

John Hospers | 1918 - 2011

Richard Boddie forwarded me a link to an obituary in Reason Magazine for John Hospers, who died yesterday, three days after his 93rd birthday.

I took a class in Political Philosophy from Hospers at USC -- just about the only glimmer of light in that 4-year sentence. The class text was his book, Libertarianism: A Political Philosophy for Tomorrow. I think he also introduced me to Rothbard's For a New Liberty. His goal was to impart ideas, not flunk anyone. He passed out a list of questions for his own book which was a checklist of the important ideas every student should take away. I have always liked that way of teaching. George Reisman uses the same technique.

The Reason obit says Hospers was "openly gay." This is the first I have ever heard that.

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