Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Government Health Care

Benjamin Franklin once said:

"If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls who live under tyranny."

That's according to Dr. Jonathan Wright, who says,

Right now, we are only moments away from that becoming reality. Because outside my house, your house, and everywhere here on our American soil...a battle rages on.

Every day, honest natural health doctors everywhere are being forced out of practice. So it's getting harder and harder for you and your family to receive natural healthcare. Soon, you'll have only the pills Big Pharma and the American Medical Association (AMA) want you to have. Sound far-fetched? Well, it's happening RIGHT NOW!

Last year, a patient walked into Dr. Geoff Ames' office, looking for a way to treat his food allergy. Dr. Ames had two suggestions: Avoid eggs...or try EAV - a form of electric acupuncture that, when supplemented with the right vitamins and minerals, can help balance energies within the body.

Well, the patient didn't like either of the suggestions so he complained to the Washington State "Quality" Assurance Commission (WSQAC), who suspended his license for 5 years - simply for recommending a totally safe and effective alternative.

And that's just the tip of this iceberg. Dr. B.C. Rothstein, D.O., was renowned for healing almost any problem you had - from a paralyzing back spasm to a sinus infection and spending up to 90 minutes with you until your problem was solved.

So what did the State of Maryland Board of Physicians (MBP) decide to do? Honor him with an award? Nope. They revoked his license for practicing "sub standard" medicine even though he hadn't harmed anyone or acted irresponsibly.

Even yours truly isn't immune to these attacks. In June, a Medical Quality Assurance Commission investigator sent me a complaint regarding information posted on my web site. The letter stated concerns about discussions of several natural health procedures, including chelation therapy. That means I'm being persecuted for discussing natural health alternatives online - even though no one has ever complained about any of the procedures! It gets even worse.

In May of 2005, 15-year-old Abraham Cherrix was diagnosed with Hodgkins disease - a rare form of lymphoma. After one full session of crippling chemotherapy that did nothing to the cancer, he decided to pursue alternative treatments through a Mexico clinic that promised little to no side effects. End of story, right?

Wrong. The Virginia State Juvenile Court stepped in and ordered Abraham to continue with the chemotherapy. Even worse - the state threatened to remove Abraham from the custody of his family unless they succumbed.

After lengthy court appeals, Abraham was allowed to pursue his treatment of choice - but only if he submits to conventional radiation therapy.

It was nearly the exact same scenario for 12-year-old Katie Wernicke of Texas. She and her parents didn't agree with the chemo. What's the response? Pull Katie out of her parents' home and into state custody. Even more baffling... Katie's healthy brothers were taken away from their parents, too. Apparently, using any natural medicine makes you an unfit parent in Texas.

Every day, doctors all over are being targeted, families torn apart...

Let's take our health back into our own hands - for good!

Shouldn't we be able to get care from sources we trust? Shouldn't we be allowed to make our own decisions - about our own bodies?

Those who are voting against the Democrats and "HillaryCare" should remember that their votes for Republicans in 2000 and 2004 resulted in a multi-trillion dollar expansion of government control of drugs. You can be sure (if you're not already) that Bush's Prescription Drug Plan will not cover natural healing methods which are not approved by the powerful pharmaceutical corporations whose representatives are "serving their country" in government. Politicians promise you healthcare "benefits," but those "benefits" are not for the patient; they go right into the hands of government-approved "healthcare providers." Those whose provision of health is not governmnent-approved receive nothing, even if the patients want to give them the business.

When Washington D.C. "eases the debt" of foreign nations, the benefits go not to these nations, but to their creditors, another example of Wall St. running government. Recall how Robert Rubin, lead pony at Goldman Sachs, led that investment bank into plunging billions into Mexican bonds. As treasury secretary, Rubin was able to shovel billions of U.S. dollars down Mexico way, thus saving the Goldman Sachs investments. After his time of "public service" in Washington D.C., he became a Director of Citibank, whose stock had risen 6 percent the day after the "Brazilian Bailout" in 1998. After Citibank loaned Enron nearly a billion dollars, Rubin contacted friends in the Treasury Dept. to convince Moody's and other bond-rating agencies not to downgrade Enron's corporate debt.

And of course, who can forget Dick Cheney, who moved from the Vice Presidency of Halliburton to the Vice Presidency in Washington. Halliburton is a massive business that does everything from put out oil fires in Kuwait to building military bases in Iraq -- and makes a tidy profit doing so.

For a politician or political candidate to ask the government to be a neutral overseer of war, banks, or healthcare is never naive; it's an assignment. Or it's an effort to pad a future résumé. "Government health care" means the government guarantees the health of corporations whose representatives hold power in Washington D.C.

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