Friday, September 19, 2008

Biden: Patriotic to Pay More Taxes

No doubt you've heard that Vice Presidential aspirant Joe Biden has said "It's time to be patriotic," and pay more taxes. Biden said this on Thursday on ABC's 'Good Morning America' regarding the question of tax hikes for the wealthy

We've talked about "patriotism" before. And Biden has given us another example of confusing "America" and "the government." "Patriotism" is what's good for your country, not what's good for Joe Biden and the politicians in Washington D.C.

The most un-patriotic people in America are in Washington D.C. They think of themselves as "public servants," but they do not serve their country. They serve the government. They serve themselves.

We pay less money each year for faster, more powerful computers. We pay less each year for long distance phone calls. We pay less each year for food, housing, shelter, and even gasoline (when measured in terms of how many hours we have to work for them). In the Free Market, the quality goes up and the price goes down. Always.

But each year we have to pay more for government that only gets worse. Always.

Just who is it that needs lessons on "patriotism?" Just who is it that needs to learn better ways to serve our country?

"Taxation" is the moral equivalent of extortion. It is using a threat of violence (being raped in a cozy federal prison cell) to coerce a payment of money.

But here's a question you'll never, ever hear a politician answer. (You'll probably never even hear it asked.) Especially in light of the recent bailout of insurance giant AIG by the Federal Reserve, and in light of the fact that a complete and total repeal of the personal income tax would only reduce the size of the federal government to what it was under Bill Clinton: why have taxes at all?

This is not some kind of "tax protester" argument. This isn't "I don't want to pay my fair share."

This is a question about the Federal Reserve, an arm of the government found nowhere in the Constitution.

Why should we as Americans have to spend hours and hours and billions of dollars every year filling out invasive and humiliating tax forms, and why should churches have to worry about losing their tax-exempt status if they say something some politician doesn't like?

According to Bruce Bartlett, a 2005 report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office concluded we pay a very heavy price for the heavy taxation of saving, investment, corporations and estates. It found that the efficiency cost of the tax system—the output that is lost over and above the tax itself—is between two percent and five percent of the gross domestic product. In short, we lose between $240 billion and $600 billion every year just because of the way we raise taxes.

Why doesn't Washington D.C. simply ask the fed to bail out the entire country every year? Just print up the money "we" need?

I'm not advocating this, of course, because it represents massive theft, fraud, and the total collapse of government integrity. That is to say, it would create and expose a government that is 100% fraudulent, vs. today's government, which is a mix between extortion and fraud. The creation of money by the fed is fraudulent and unethical. Inflation is a sin. But if we're going to have a huge chunk of the government funded by "monetization of debt" by the Fed, why not eliminate the threats of violence inherent in IRS extortion and move from some-fraud-and-some-extortion to 100% pure fraud?

If we eliminate the IRS and have the Fed print up the total federal budget, then the purchasing power of the rich would decline at about the same rate as the purchasing power of the poor, would it not? Instead of the government transferring wealth from producers to bureaucrats by withholding "dollars" ("Federal Reserve Notes") from our paychecks, the Fed would simply transfer purchasing power from working Americans to the welfare-warfare caste in Washington. The "dollars" possessed by the rich would become worthless at about the same rate as the "dollars" possessed by the poor. What could be fairer? What could be more "patriotic?"

America: the next Zimbabwe!

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