Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sex Education

Suppose an acquaintance of yours says he has discovered a way to transfer money from other people's bank accounts into his own using an ordinary laptop computer. As a way of thanking you for years of friendship, he says he's willing to transfer other people's money into your bank account. What should you say?

(a) "That's a terrible thing to do. God says 'Thou shalt not steal.' You shouldn't do that."
(b) "Wow, that's really a great idea! But I shorted Wall Street and recently got a raise at work, so I have all the money I need. Thanks anyway! Let me know if you need to borrow my laptop."
(c) "I won't say whether you should or shouldn't hack into other people's bank accounts, because I'm committed to upholding a policy of 'values-neutrality.'"

The response in (b) could possibly result in your arrest on a conspiracy charge. If another friend of yours has several thousand dollars stolen by this hacker, and finds out that you knew what the hacker was planning and responded with either (b) or (c), you would no longer be considered a friend.

Suppose now your 13-year old daughter tells you that her mature-beyond-his-years 17-year old boyfriend wants to have sex with her. Should you

(a) tell your daughter that God says to wait until you're married before having sex
(b) encourage your daughter to have sex, and have it more often, and give her practical, "age-appropriate" instruction on how to enhance her boyfriend's pleasure
(c) show her a film on "safe sex" but uphold a policy of "values-neutrality."

Scenario #3: You come home to find your adult child-care professional (baby-sitter) is using genitally-explicit hand-puppets to entertain your five-year old son or daughter and to create a home-environment "where queer sexualities are affirmed and celebrated." Should you

(a) call the police
(b) join the babysitter with some anatomically-correct hand-puppets of your own, in an effort to eliminate "prejudice aimed at homosexuals."
(c) remain silent and respectfully watch the babysitter's homosexual puppet show in an effort to uphold a policy of "values-neutrality" (but not allow a Christian pro-marriage puppet show [in order to avoid an "establishment" of religion]).

There is no such thing as "neutrality."
One man's "morality" is another man's "prejudice."
Government schools are always and inescapably undercutting, undermining, and destroying one moral system or another.
• It either destroys the moral system of "something for nothing by hacking" or it destroys the moral system of private property.
• It either destroys the moral system of "sexual pleasure on demand without consequences, responsibility, or accountability to God" or it destroys the moral system of "patriarchy," the life-long commitment to monogamous heterosexual marriage and family.
• It either promotes Christianity or destroys it.
Government-run schools cannot be "neutral."
Government-run schools are at war with your values.
You should only vote for someone who believes in the complete separation of school and state.

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