Sunday, September 14, 2008


Gary North has written an article entitled, "Usury, Interest, and Loans: A Brief Summary of Biblical Teaching, With Bibliography."

Here is my response: Gary North on Usury, Interest, and Loans.

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Kevin Craig said...

It appears that Gary North is having an argument with someone named Jason Hommel:

Jason Hommel Tells Me Off: I Do Not Understand Commodities, Silver, and Especially the Bible. He Demands That I Answer Him.

and his usury article is part of that argument.

With Silvers Price Down by 50%, How Can There Be a Silver Shortage? Answer: There Cant Be. There Isnt. There Wasnt.

I've never read a word by Jason Hommel, and I don't think I agree with his understanding of "Babylon" (judging by Gary's article).