Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thinking Biblically about the Banking Crisis

From the blog "Between Two Worlds" comes an interview with an MBA entitled "Thinking Biblically about the Banking Crisis." It has some helpful explanations. But this is not a time for "helpful explanations." This is a time for yelling and beating people over the head -- in the hopes that the guilty will not be rewarded and the innocent punished. My humble efforts toward this end.


David Rudel said...

My guess is that it will not be the most welcome view in the world, but here is my take on what Christians can take from the economic crisis.

I don't focus on blame, or economic mumbo-jumbo, but on what Christ might have to say about the silent philosophy behind the whole mess: The American Imperative to own your own house.

Kevin Craig said...

My response to Rudel is here.