Saturday, January 17, 2009

Inauguration of a Dictator

The Declaration of Independence (1776) is an indictment of a tyrant. The tyrant, George III of the United Kingdom, was a far less ruthless tyrant than many European monarchs of the day. And compared to the atheistic socialism of the Bush-Clinton regime, George III was a benevolent Christian libertarian.

On Tuesday Barack Obama will be inaugurated in a display of power that George Washington could never have imagined. Obama calls the spectacle, "Our Democratic Tradition," and is inviting Americans "across the country to work on behalf of a common purpose through a national day of service on Monday."

Would even single person who Signed the Declaration of Independence have participated in this national day of service?

Discuss the inauguration with us in a live teleseminar this morning at 10:30am Central time.

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