Friday, January 09, 2009

Pacifism in Action

I am a pacifist. Here's why:

A Biblical Defense of Pacifism

Because I am against violence, I am aginst the institutionalization of violence, which we call "the State." Here's why:

Anarchism: Order without Violence

Pacifists are always asked, "What Would You Do If . . . .?"

"Pacifism" doesn't mean doing nothing in the face of evil. There are lots of things one can do in the face of evil besides pull out a gun and blow out the brains of the evildoer.

Find out about the amazing story of how one 92-year-old woman responded to evil:

The Gospel at Gunpoint - Prison Fellowship  - [new link]

This kind of thinking needs to become a social consciousness. If society as a whole thought the way this woman thinks, nobody would be cheering and waving flags at the wars of imperialists.

In the 20th century "governments" killed hundreds of millions of people, enslaved billions, and confiscated or destroyed trillions of dollars of private property, making the institution of civil government one thousand times more lethal and evil than the criminals from which we are supposedly being protected by the State. The State will not allow public school teachers to teach students that God says "Thou shalt not kill." If the State were abolished, people like you and me would quickly fill the gaps by creating schools that teach religion and morality, and businesses that pass on traditions of hard work and ethical behavior. Businesses -- working every day to provide the goods and services we need -- are far more ethical than governments. Governments encourage immorality.

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