Saturday, April 19, 2008

April 19, 1775, 1993, 2008

As the sun rose on this day in 1775, shots were fired. British troops had been ordered to capture and destroy arms possessed by Massachusetts citizens. The armed colonists fought back, the American Revolution is said to have begun, culminating in the Second Amendment, guaranteeing what the British had attempted to destroy. The Battles of Lexington and Concord are commemorated on this day in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as "Patriots' Day."

America is based on the right of the people to overthrow the government.

April 19, 1993 is An Anniversary That We Must Never Forget, says Anthony Gregory. But one can only forget what one was first conscious of, and America has never really been conscious of the real dimensions of the federal assault on the Branch Davidians, the lies and cover-ups of the incineration of nearly 100 men women and children, and the depth of statism (worship of The State) in a nation whose Declaration of Independence says we have a duty to abolish a tyrannical State.

Waco had something to do with the bombing in Oklahoma City two years later. More by Anthony Gregory:

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As these articles attest, April has a lot of violent holidays:

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Now we see Mass Hysteria in Eldorado Texas. The same people are arrayed against the Mormons as led the charge against the Branch Davidians.

Under cross-examination, state child-welfare investigator Angie Voss conceded there have been no allegations of abuse against babies, prepubescent girls or any boys.

But her agency, Child Protective Services, contends that the teachings of the FLDS — to marry shortly after puberty, have as many children as possible and obey their fathers or their prophet, imprisoned leader Warren Jeffs — amount to abuse.

Texas polygamist sect is accused of indoctrinating girls - Yahoo! News

"Teachings" = "abuse"
More specifically, "teachings" not approved by the government.
This is a repeat of Waco.
Angie Voss played a role at the Waco invasion. A low-level state bureaucrat has the right to destroy the institutions of church and family if they don't bow before the altar of the State.

In other contexts, teachings not approved by the government = "terrorism." And certainly "teachings" combined with the exercise of 2nd Amendment rights, as at Waco, will bring the full force of government upon you.

What would Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and Paul Revere have said about these government raids? Which children are more likely to know who these men were: the home-educated mormons or the average state-educated secularists?


Anonymous said...

Quote from William Grigg:

Every parent has the God-given right to kill someone who has come to abduct his children. Texas authorities know this. That's why this "child protection" action was carried out with military hardware supplied by the Department of Homeland security (see the photo above).


Kevin Craig said...

Compare Grigg's comment with Matthew 2:13-15. God didn't command Joseph and Mary to arm themselves against Herod. They fled to Egypt.

Or see Exodus 1:15 - 2:10. If the Hebrew midwives had exercised their "God-given right" to kill Pharaoh, the midwives would have died and taken Moses with them.

Where in the Bible is an example for us to follow of killing someone to prevent a kidnapping?

YOU WILL DIE if you resist a Leviathan armed with Weapons of Mass Destruction, including such cuties as the Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator, and a vast array of lethal hardware which Grigg describes here and may be available to your local government through the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service.

If you love your children, why would you get out your handgun or hunting rifle in a futile quest to stand your ground against the Department of Homeland Security?? YOU ARE GOING TO DIE if you do. Your child will die with you.

Your kid can become a Joseph or a Daniel if he's taken alive as a captive of the DHS. If you resist, you kid is dead meat.

I prefer death by old age rather than Death by Government. Call me a "pacifist," I don't care.

"The Government" is lethal. Remember Waco.