Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Money Tree in Kinder's Garden

Peter Kinder, Republican candidate for Missouri's Lieutenant Governor, has released his first quarter campaign finance reports, revealing $1,326,843.52 in receipts this election.

A good deal of this money comes from organizations with names like the Republican 12th Legislative District Committee, the Republican 14th Legislative District Committee, the Republican 15th Legislative District Committee, the Republican 16th District Committee, the Republican 17th District Committee, the Republican 18th District Committee, the Republican 19th District Committee, the Republican 23rd Senatorial District Committee, and the Republican 89th District Committee.

My first thought was that these "committees" are made up of people like my mother, who, along with other "Republican Women," has spent many hours working for Republican candidates at meetings, presumably by folding campaign brochures, stuffing envelopes, and all the other things that make up modern political campaigns.

How naïve I am!

Funny thing is, all these organizations have the same address: The Laundry Mat at 320 Monroe Street, St. Charles Missouri. Not a literal "laundry mat," of course, but

a quiet, unassuming home at 320 Monroe Street in St. Charles [where] millions and millions of dollars of political contributions are being funneled into Republican political campaigns with no limits on how much can be contributed or on how the money can be spent. Some call it “Money Laundering” while others say it is “Smart Politics’.

So where did all this money really come from, and what laws or taxpayer subsidies did it buy?

Out of more than 4 million registered voters in Missouri, I would be surprised if more than a few hundred voters were asking these questions.

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Anonymous said...

WoW Im shocked. Where did this info come from? Thanks for the heads up.