Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ron Paul is a Warmonger

Congressman Ron Paul discusses "Just War Theory" starting at about 4:24 into the video.

The "Just War Theory" is not Christian enough. It allows too much war.

Another take on "Just War Theory" is emerging here:

I agree with Ron Paul, of course, that the Iraq War doesn't even meet the sub-Christian standard of "Just War Theory." I can't imagine the Prince of Peace voting for any other candidate.

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David said...

229Apparently the video was taken down. I've read Ron Paul's "End the Fed" and he even seemed skeptical that WWII qualifies as a "just war" (note that I don't consider WWII a "just war.") I think its silly to say that Ron Paul is a "warmonger" just because he isn't a total pacifist. I'm not saying he's a perfect man, but he's undeniably a friend to peace. I agree with the rest of what you say, of course, I think its insane that Jesus would support anyone else. (BTW: I'm not a pacifist either, but I think the last justifiable US war was 1812, so I'm pretty much as noninterventionist as one can get without being a pacifist.)