Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Blog Blizzard this Weekend

I have received some candidate surveys from some PACs. I'm going to post answers to their questions on this blog this weekend. One post per question.

I'm also going to create blog posts on each of the "issues" pages on my website. That will make sure that each page is indexed on Google. (Many new pages -- such as the one with the court's opinion in the "Rachel" homeschooling case -- have yet to be added to my table of contents, so they have no links pointing to them. Now they will.)

That means (d.v.) I'll be posting a couple of hundred posts to this blog in the next few days.

Those of you who have subscribed to receive blog posts by email might consider unsubscribing for a week. This blizzard could fill up your email INbox.

At the bottom of each email you'll find this:

Click here to safely unsubscribe now from
"Kevin Craig For Congress Blog" or
change subscription settings

You can unsubscribe by clicking there.
Then, after the blog blizzard, you can resubscribe again on the blog:
That strikes me as the easiest way.
Or, if you want to click on "change subscription settings," you can find the link that says "Stop, pause, restart, or delete this subscription." click on "Pause your subscription," and then go back and click the > button to restart circulation next week. Make sure you keep one email undeleted so you can click the link to get back to the subscription page -- no new emails will be arriving once you pause the subscription.

If you're not worried about lots of blog posts in your email box, then do nothing.

Just thought I'd warn you.

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