Thursday, April 17, 2008

Battle of the Cults

The news is filled with reports of children being taken from their parents from a mormon cult in Texas.

I've written before of America's largest and most dangerous cult; an authoritarian sect that is led by a man who calls himself "the Decider."

Will Grigg has written of this other cult, and his article (must-reading), entitled "Your Children Are Ours," describes the battle of the cults. The "Your" in the title refers to the children of the strange Mormon cult; the "Ours" refers to the Cult of the Decider (or more accurately, a denomination of the larger cult called "The State of Texas").

I haven't been a member of any church since about 1985. There is, I am confident, no church that would want me as a member. The last church I would want to be a member of is the fundamentalist mormon church in Texas. It is "repellent," to use Grigg's vast understatement.

Still, it looks to me as though the children of that cult are not very likely to conspire to murder their 3rd grade teacher. They probably wouldn't grow up to murder for the empire when ordered to by "The Decider." Hence the change in parenting required by the State.

The State doesn't like 50-year-old men having sex with underaged girls. The State believes that it's better for 13 year old girls to have sex with 16 year old boys. Or experimenting with bisexuality. Hence the change in parenting required by the State.

An "anonymous" tip suggested an older man was beating a younger girl. Better to have her beat by a boy her own age in a government-run school. Hence the change in parenting required by the State.

The photos in this article of sobbing mothers bereft of their children were probably staged, and the truth is much closer to the talking heads on FoxNews who describe the mormon women as "robots," all of whom had a "glazed look," undoubtedly caused by habitually obeying the cult leaders. Much better for the children of these mothers to be made children of the State, so that they too, like robots, can turn on the television for 8 hours and 14 minutes per day and stare at it with a glazed look. Hence the change in parenting required by the State.

The idea that the State makes a better parent than the parents in this wacked-out mormon cult only displays the brainwashing and trance-like thinking of most Americans.

The myth of "the Separation of Church and State" says anything is true if it's true "for you." Religion and the public are separated, and religion often evades public scrutiny and becomes like a petrie dish culture, mutating generation after generation. (By "public scrutiny" I don't mean "government scrutiny." I mean the scrutiny of ordinary neighbors. We've all been trained not to "judge" our neighbor's religion, because all religions are "equally true.")

Although government schools encourage us to believe that anything is true if it's true "for us," there comes a point when a cult becomes a threat to the State. At that point, the church is always called a "compound."


I used to write in favor of "Patriarchy." So did a fellow named Phil Lancaster. So does Doug Phillips. None of this has anything whatsoever to do with polygamous cults like this one in Texas.

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