Friday, April 18, 2008

Mormons and Davidians

Tomorrow (April 19) is the anniversary of the 1993 annihilation of the Branch Davidian community at Mt. Carmel near Waco, Texas.

This week another Texas cult has been in the news. Fortunately, the State of Texas has decided to kidnap the children involved in the cult rather than incinerating them as they did to the women and children in Waco.

For more details on the kidnapping of the Mormon kids, see William Norman Grigg's important article, Collectivist Child Abuse. The conclusion seems inescapable: these children were better off with their mothers in a weirdo cult than they are in the clutches of "the government."

Again, I believe the Branch Davidians and the Mormons are false religions, and there is a need for society (that means people like you and me, not "the State") to rescue their neighbors from the "darkness" of false religions like these.

But "The State" is a cult far more abusive than the Mormons. Belief in the moral rectitude of polygamy is less destructive of the human spirit than belief in the moral legitimacy of child kidnapping, armed invasions and mass murder. Polygamy is less abusive to children than the military-pharmaceutical complex which kidnapped the Mormon children.

During the first century under the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that America was a Christian nation, and polygamy was outlawed by all Christian nations. While I don't believe polygamists should be fined, jailed, or executed, I do believe polygamy is sub-Biblical, and as Christians and nations become more mature, polygamy disappears.

As America becomes more atheistic and adolescent, polygamy, fornication, divorce and other sexual deviancies become more commonplace. SWAT teams, paramilitary raids, and kidnapping of children are "the government's" answer, and as with all government "answers," the cure is worse than the disease.

(Actually, the government doesn't care about polygamy, homosexuality, fornication, etc. The government talks about these things in order to gain the support of the "Religious Right" for the government's actions. The real enemy of the State of Texas is marriage and authority outside the State.)


Vigilante said...

David Koresh was a charlatan and a false prophet. The tragedy at Mount Carmel in '93 will forever be on his head.

Kevin Craig said...

If the government had stayed off his property, nobody would have died.

The penalty for being a "false prophet" is death? What happened to the First Amendment guarantees of religious freedom?