Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Animal Rights -- mofb #6

5. Please share your thoughts on the legislative, regulatory and legal attempts by animal rights activists to restrict livestock and poultry production and processing.

Animal cruelty is a legitimate concern of consumers (Proverbs 12:10), but “animal rights activists” tend to be infected with the pagan religion of “environmentalism,” which worships the sub-human and believes human beings should be exterminated. It is a perverse religion.

Certainly this is not a federal issue, but state and local governments should let consumers choose to buy or not to buy poultry and livestock, rather than have that choice made for them by the government.
Animal Rights

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Tracy H. said...

Environmentalism isn't a religion. It's an awareness that we need to respect our planet. We also need to have compassion and respect for all living beings, including animals -- for they are God's creatures. It's wrong to confine them to crates so small they can't extend their limbs or turn around. It's wrong to make them live in buildings full of urine and feces. It's wrong to slaughter them just to appease people's taste buds. For information on living and eating compassionately, visit ChooseVeg.com.

Kevin Craig said...

Thanks for your comments, Tracy.

You may not be a die-hard environmentalist, but environmentalism is a religion. See my page on the subject. Go down to the section on the right called "Why Environmentalism is Evil." These are not representatives of the "fringe" of the environmentalist movement; they are the high-priests of the environmental religion. This is the core of environmentalism. Hopefully, you only go to "church" one day a week and are normal the rest of the week.

I agree with your statement, "We also need to have compassion and respect for all living beings, including animals -- for they are God's creatures." Those are your words: "God's creatures." But the Bible says God gave us these creatures to kill and eat.

The Bible also says (and I cited the verse) that we are not to be cruel to animals. But this cannot be anthropomorphized, that is, we cannot treat animals like human beings. They don't need to sleep on PosturePedic mattresses. They don't need enough room to dance. Some animals eat vomit and feces. We should clean their cages based primarily on human needs, not on the basis of human aesthetics that we impute to animals.

It is not wrong to slaughter animals and "appease our taste buds." And if you believe "God" says otherwise, then you and I may worship different Gods, and that's why I said environmentalism is a religion.

If you believe that a certain agricultural business is cruel to animals, then you have every right to persuade your friends to boycott that business, or to try to persuade that businessman to employ more "humane" standards towards his animals. But I am against the government putting him in a small prison cell with a psychopath just because he is slaughtering animals for food.

I hate to sound mean and nasty, but I believe the comfort of human beings is more important than the comfort of animals. The false religion of Environmentalism will lead to the deaths of billions of human beings, created in the Image of God.