Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Transportation -- mofb #9

Transportation and Infrastructure

1. The five-year Federal highway bill authorizing surface transportation programs for highways, highway safety, and transit expires September 30, 2009. What are your priorities for the reauthorization?

I agree with Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, John C. Calhoun, and Andrew Jackson, that the federal government has no constitutional authority for “internal improvements,” and that this is a form of British mercantilism. Federal highway bills are always laden with pork for special interests.

There are many proposals for returning transportation to the Free Market, as it was in the early decades after the Constitution was ratified, but this discussion is not even permitted at this time – too many politicians want their “Bridge to Nowhere.”


Deaths by Government: Another Missing Chapter by Walter Block

The Hidden Costs of Road Socialism by Mark R. Crovelli

Murder on the Roads by Nathan McKaskle

Murder on the Roads, Part II by Nathan McKaskle

The Role of Private Transportation in America's 19th-Century “Internal Improvements” Debate By Thomas J. DiLorenzo

2. Do you support H.R. 3098, legislation to clarify and streamline the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations as they pertain to farmers hauling their own commodities from farm to market?

Yes ____X_____ No __________

See also comments on the Farm Bureau Policy Statement:


This is one in a series of blog posts answering questions posed to candidates in the 7th District by the Missouri Farm Bureau. Here is the list of mofb blog posts in this series.

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