Sunday, August 31, 2008

Libertarian Dime Interview

Here's the link for my interview with "The Libertarian Dime"

I'm told "Round 2" is on the horizon.

Links to my webpages relating to various subjects discussed in the interview are here:

Hey, what else have you got to do on Labor Day?

It's a bit long.
You can listen to it on your iPod while you're going to WalMart. Shopping at WalMart. Coming home from WalMart. Gardening. Vacuuming the house. Doing the dishes. Walking the dog. Painting the fence. And, after dinner, you can continue listening to the interview while you're putting the finishing touches on that warp-speed intergalactic travel device you've been tinkering on in the garage. And then finish up the interview the next day over breakfast.
It's a bit long.

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