Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trade Sanctions; Cuba -- mofb #8

4. Please explain your views on the use of embargoes or economic sanctions that include U.S. agricultural products.

Every attempt by the federal government to bring down a dictator by denying the oppressed people of that country the right to buy food from American farmers is unconstitutional, unethical, and has never worked.

Trade Sanctions

5. Do you support easing current restrictions on the sale of U.S. agricultural products to Cuba?

____X____Yes _________No

Please explain your answer.

The United States could help improve Cuba's poor human rights record and reveal Fidel Castro's regime as the main source of Cuba's economic troubles by lifting the trade and investment embargo, restoring the right of Americans to travel to Cuba and act as ambassadors of capitalism, and rejecting any current or proposed official aid to groups inside Cuba.


This is one in a series of blog posts answering questions posed to candidates in the 7th District by the Missouri Farm Bureau. Here is the list of mofb blog posts in this series

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