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Yesterday I spoke before the Missouri Farm Bureau's representatives of the 7th District at the Darr Agricultural Center at Missouri State University. Roy Blunt spoke first. We both spoke at the Jasper County Farm Bureau's event at Carthage High School a month ago, but didn't speak to each other. This time he made a point of seeking me out to say hi, which struck me as gracious.

Nevertheless, I made it clear to Farm Bureau members that despite his superior social and political skills, America's Founding Fathers would unanimously and strongly urge the Farm Bureau not to endorse Roy Blunt for a 6th time, but endorse Kevin Craig and the platform of "Liberty Under God." Of course the Farm Bureau endorsed Roy Blunt.

The next few posts on this blog will be the answers from my Farm Bureau questionnaire (cut-and-paste with a few edits and links added) and links to the pages in my Farm Bureau website, which haven't yet been spidered by Google.


If the men who signed the Declaration of Independence and Constitution could see America in 2008, they would be absolutely horrified. As surely as they abolished the British government over the colonies, they would abolish the present government over the states. They would be called “extremists.” They would not endorse a candidate who promised small tax reductions, political compromises, and negotiated amendments to a web of federal regulations, and for ten years has overseen the growth (not the reduction) of a horrifyingly un-American government.

America’s Founders spoke of their “Experiment in Liberty,” and during the first 100 years under the Constitution, their experiment was proven a success: America became the most prosperous and admired nation in history. But during the second 100 years (the 20th century), Washington D.C. tried another experiment: an experiment in central planning, and America is now bankrupt and despised. Planners in Washington also led nations like Italy, Germany and Russia in this experiment. This experiment in central planning was a dismal failure, leading to poverty and death wherever it was tried. We must make a radical break with 20th-century socialism just as America's Founding Fathers broke from 18th-century mercantilism. We must make the 21st century the centur of laissez-faire capitalism.

Kevin Craig is guided by the principles of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, which he sums up in his campaign slogan, “"Liberty Under God.” He believes America’s Founders took both liberty and religion seriously, and the current government is at war with both.

Kevin Craig is the founder of a non-profit educational organization called “Vine & Fig Tree.” The phrase would be familiar to America’s Founding Fathers, who knew of the many Biblical references to a time when we beat our “swords into plowshares” and everyone dwells safely “under his own vine and fig tree.” This was the original “American Dream.”

Kevin Craig listens to the Missouri Farm Bureau. He has responded line-by-line to the Bureau’s policy statement at


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One Farm Bureau member told me I was too negative, and that I have to get along with others, and not just complain about things. This is a helpful comment. In the future I will not just rant only about how the federal government has destroyed the original American dream of "Vine & Fig Tree," but I will stress how that dream is still possible, and offer practical speculations on how it would work -- if we get the federal government out of the way. But if I were elected, I don't know exactly how I would "work with" those who want to bomb entire neighborhoods in Iraq, instead of criticizing such policies. But I think I'm a nice guy, reasonable, and cool-headed. I try to criticize policies, not people.
Here are the pages from my Missouri Farm Bureau sub-directory, in the order in which I recommend reading them:
Many of these pages from the Missouri Farm Bureau's policy statement relate primarily to state and local issues, and I have not commented on them.

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