Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Ban Nuclear Weapons

I received the following email, probably generated by an automatic letter-writing webpage on the Internet. Below it is my response:

On Tue, August 5, 2008 1:45 pm, Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx wrote:

> [name]
> [address]
> [city], MO [zip]
> August 5, 2008
> Kevin Craig
> PO Box 179
> Powersite, MO 65731
> Mr. Craig:
> Sixty-three years ago this week, the United States

> dropped nuclear bombs on the Japanese cities of
> Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The United States still
> has an arsenal of more than 6,000 nuclear weapons

> that could produce this kind of destruction and horror
> again.
> More and more people, including former Secretaries

> of State Henry Kissinger and George Shultz, former
> Sen. Sam Nunn (GA), and former Defense Secretary
> William Perry, are calling on the United States
> to work toward total nuclear disarmament.
> I hope that you support this call and would,

> if elected, advocate cutting the size of the U.S.
> nuclear arsenal by at least 50 percent. I look
> forward to hearing from you how you would advance

> a world free of nuclear weapons in Congress.
> Sincerely,
> [name]

Dear [name],

I agree 100%, and I'm confident I will be the only candidate on the ballot in November who agrees with you 100%.

I am a Christian and you can call me a "pacifist" if you want to:


One of my goals in running for Congress is to persuade millions of Christians who support the war-agenda of the Bush-Clinton regime to re-study their beliefs and give their highest allegiance to Christ and to support His mandate for peace in the Bible:


Although I studied law and passed the California Bar Exam, I was denied a license to practice law because as a Christian I put the Prince of Peace ahead of the Military-Industrial Complex:



I believe in Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament:


I believe every U.S. war in the 20th century fails the "Just War" criteria:


This link will bring up comments about Hiroshima from my blog:


One of the unique aspects of my campaign is that I believe the principles of peace, non-violence, and non-initiation of force can and should be applied to every area of social and public policy.


This is why I became a Libertarian.

To become a member of the Libertarian Party, one must sign a pledge that affirms:

I do not believe in or advocate the
initiation of force as a means of
achieving political or social goals.


This is the reason I joined the Libertarian Party rather than any other political party. Other parties support the initiation of force to achieve their goals.

If you would like to support an intelligent, well-researched campaign for U.S. Congress and for peace, please forward this email to your friends and urge them not to waste their vote on any of the other candidates for Congress who accept
corporate militarism and mass death.

P.S. There is one part of your letter that I may not support 100%. I do not trust people like Henry Kissinger and George Schultz. I suspect they want the U.S. to disarm, but they would transfer U.S. weapons to a global government that will still use violence to protect its power. Please feel free to correct me if you know me to be mistaken.

In any case, I am against global government:


Thanks very much for taking time to write.

Kevin Craig
Libertarian Party Candidate
U.S. House of Representatives, MO-7th
Powersite, MO 65731-0179


Bryan said...

Kevin, You should get your name put on this list! http://www.paulcongress.com/Candidates.html

Peace, Bryan

Kevin Craig said...

Thanks, Bryan.

I added your blog to my GoogleReader. I'm trying to edit my template to add your blog to my blogroll, but I'm not that bright. Gimme time.

Anonymous said...


Good idea and we should start
with the Khazars in "Israel"
( Palestine ). When they lead
then the rest of the world can follow. This just looks
like a jew trick to leave only
them with Nukes.


Kevin Craig said...

"We should start with them."

I think it's always better to start with ourselves. Works with free trade as well: we expect other countries to drop their tariffs against our goods, while we keep our tariffs against theirs.

"jew trick"

Well Bernie, you let the cat out of the bag with that line. Now even the Jews I know who oppose Israeli nukes are going to disregard everything else you say.

Israeli use of nukes depends on U.S. backing.

Anonymous said...

If we dig deeper we find that

So we should
"Ban All State Taxation"
and then discuss the remaining
problems in the USA.

I guess under the new No Taxation
Scenario, there would be no
State employees to launch
the old stockpile of Nuclear
Weapons and eventually
all the weapons would rust
and decay and become useless.