Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Energy -- mofb #12


1. Would you support greater emphasis on the exploration, development, and utilization of domestic oil and natural gas?

Yes ___X______ No, not by the federal government

In all of the questions below, the proper role of the government is to get out of the way and let the Free Market develop the alternatives. No federal funds are justified.

If yes, which of the following do you support? (Please check all that apply)
_____X_____ Developing energy resources within the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and Outer Continental Shelf
_____X_____ Increasing the production, availability and utilization of renewable energy
_____X_____ Streamlining permit requirements for siting and constructing new oil refineries
_____X_____ Expediting the construction of liquefied natural gas terminals
_____X_____ Providing incentives for the use of clean coal technology in electric power generation
_____X_____ Expanding nuclear power generation

I support the freedom of property owners to pursue the means that will best serve consumers.

If “incentives” means cutting taxes and regulation, I support it. If it means tax-funded subsidies, I’m against it.

2. Would you support legislation to temporarily reduce or suspend the Federal Renewable Fuel Standard, as modified by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007?

Yes ____X_____ No ___________

If yes, please explain:

I oppose all federal fuel standards. I oppose federal funding of alternative energy sources. Energy should be consumer/market driven.

3. Please explain what you have done, or will do if elected, to address America's energy crisis.

The “energy crisis” is caused entirely by the federal government, led by environmentalist lobbies. Educating America about the facts is the most important priority. We should not promote the myth that Congress is doing anything but making the situation worse.


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This is one in a series of blog posts answering questions posed to candidates in the 7th District by the Missouri Farm Bureau. Here is the list of mofb blog posts in this series.

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